About Link

"We are connected through our passion for emerging technologies."

Link consists of six enthusiastic and passionate industrial design engineering students. Although each team member has a different focus within the design process, we are connected through our passion for emerging technologies. We have a genuine interest in technology trends and are therefore looking for a project in this direction.

As a team we want to look into the possibilities of new technology for both consumers and businesses. We think technological developments such as Internet of Things and Big Data analytics have great potential to help people live a better life. These new technologies can go beyond their current gadget and entertainment purposes. Although we realize new technologies can be scary for consumers and businesses, we are curious to find out how these technologies can help companies grow in a sustainable and ethical way.

"Greatness requires moving out of your comfort zone"

From our background studying industrial design engineering, working for several design companies, and international working experience we learned to combine different perspectives, research and science into radical yet argumented designs. We never settle at our first thoughts and try to push boundaries. We believe comfort means stagnation. Greatness requires moving out of your comfort zone into new territory. We are looking for a company that wants to be persuaded and seduced to find new possibilities.

Because Link is a multidisciplinary team of designers, we have knowledge about the entire design process, from market research to engineering. Our goal during this project is to come up with a design that is both innovative yet feasible.

We are looking forward to working with a company that wants to be learning together, encourages us, is enthusiastic and has high expectations.


Take a closer look into our amazing team. We won’t bite.

Jessica Apeldoorn
User testing, Prototyping, Trend Analysis
Dorus van den Oord
Programming, Strategy, Market Research
Coen Mulder
User Experience, Interaction Design, Prototyping
Vanda Kovács
User-Centered Design, Big Picture Attitude, Empathy
Natalie Li
Visualization, Documentation, Materialisation
Nyckle Sijtsma
Prototyping, CAD Modelling, Process Overview

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